Director and Solicitor to the Advocate General

Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor



Neil Taylor was appointed Director of the Office of the Advocate General & Solicitor to the Advocate General in August 2017


Neil has an MA(Hons) in English and Philosophy from the University of Glasgow and an LLB(Dist) from the University of Edinburgh. He was admitted as a solicitor and notary public in 1996.


Neil joined the civil service in 1995 and prior to devolution advised a number of Scottish Office departments as well as undertaking Home Office judicial review work in Scotland. Post-devolution highlights:

  • Legal adviser to a variety of departments and agencies within the Scottish Administration with work including litigation, advisory and instruction of primary legislation;

  • From 2002 to 2013 - member of the Office of the Scottish Parliamentary Counsel (OSPC). OSPC is the legal office responsible for drafting all Bills that the Scottish Government introduces in the Scottish Parliament. During part of that time he was also involved in drafting some Scottish aspects of Westminster Bills;

  • 2010 - seconded to Historic Scotland for nine months during the Parliamentary passage of the Historic Environment (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2011. Also served as interim Chief Operating Officer for a short period during the secondment. Neil was a non-executive member of the Historic Scotland Advisory Committee from 2011 to 2015.

  • Head of Advisory & Legislation Division in OAG from March 2013 until August 2016 with work including issues around the referendum on Scottish Independence, the subsequent Smith Commission and leading the team in OAG to deliver the bill which became the Scotland Act 2016.

  • Legal Secretary to the Advocate General from August 2016 to August 2017. During that time working on constitutional issues arising from Exiting the European Union including the devolution implications of the Government’s arguments in the ‘Article 50’ Miller case before the Supreme Court.

Director and Solicitor to the Advocate General

The Director of OAG is responsible for overseeing all legal services provided by OAG to the UK government, and for overseeing delivery of OAG’s objectives as set out in its Business Plan.