Neil Holt


Neil Holt joined the Export Guarantee Advisory Council in July 2011.

Neil was a director and head of ethical compliance for Halcrow, an international firm of consulting engineers. A chartered banker with more than 20 years of corporate and international banking, Neil joined Halcrow in 1998 and until 2008 ran one of its principal operating divisions, working across Europe, the Middle East, India, south-east Asia, China, east Asia and North America. He has been the group’s head of ethical compliance since 2005.

Neil is also a trustee and non-executive director of Transparency International (UK), was a founding member of the UK Anti-Corruption Forum, which is now one of the principal consultative interfaces between UK government and business on anti-corruption matters, and has also been an active member of anti-corruption working groups within UK government, international development agencies, and the World Economic Forum.