Commissioner for Shale Gas

Natascha Engel



Natascha Engel was Member of Parliament from 2005 to 2017 and has first-hand experience of the local impact of shale gas developments.

Natascha has also worked with the industry, regulators and government on how best to engage with, and listen to, local communities.

Commissioner for Shale Gas

The Commissioner is responsible for:

  • listening to the concerns of local residents in areas with planning applications for shale gas (and exploratory drilling)
  • working with local residents, local elected representatives and Members of Parliament (MPs) to ensure that legitimate concerns are addressed by the industry, regulators and government
  • helping to improve understanding of shale gas with impartial and fact-based information
  • reporting back to government on changes that could be made to address the concerns of local residents
  • working closely with the Shale Environmental Regulator team as well as the new Planning Brokerage Service to ensure accurate and timely information is available to residents