Interim Chief Digital and Information Officer

Mike Potter



Mike joined the Civil Service in 2004, and has an impressive record of delivering transformational change. Prior to joining HMRC, he was Transformation Director at NHS Blood and Transplant. He has also led major transformation in the Rural Payments Agency.

Mike is a Chartered Chemical Engineer.

Interim Chief Digital and Information Officer

HMRC’s Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO) is responsible for one of the largest and most complex IT estates in the UK, and leads the department’s ambitious plans to digitalise its business.

The CDIO leads HMRC’s digital and data strategies and has significant involvement in the cross government agenda. The CDIO is also responsible for the running of live IT operations and implementing the IT Sourcing Strategy.

The CDIO is the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) which covers all aspects of protective, physical, personnel and information security.