Non-executive board member

Professor Michael Winter OBE


Professor Winter OBE is a rural policy specialist and social scientist with expertise covering a wide range of environmental issues and particular interests in applying inter-disciplinary approaches to policy-relevant research. He is currently Professor of Land Economy and Society at the Centre for Rural Policy Research at the University of Exeter.

Past positions held by Professor Winter include membership of the Defra’s Review Group on Bovine TB, Expert Panel for the National Ecosystem Assessment, Defra’s Science Advisory Council, commissioner and board member of the Commission for Rural Communities and member of the Committee of Inquiry on Hunting.

Professor Winter has been appointed to the Natural England board until 31 August 2022.

Non-executive board member

Non-executive board members of Natural England have collective responsibility for the strategic direction and overall performance of the organisation. They make sure that Natural England is properly and effectively managed and provide stewardship for the public funds entrusted to the organisation.

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