Chief Executive Officer

Martin Walkingshaw


Martin Walkingshaw established LLWR’s Waste Management Services team, providing support to UK waste producers in their efforts to implement the waste management hierarchy and preserve capacity at the UK’s national LLW repository. He is now accountable for the Commercial, Strategy and National Programme teams and was appointed to the LLWR Board in 2011.

Martin started his career in 1982 as a BNFL engineering apprentice. Over the next 25 years he held a variety of roles in Spent Fuel, Intermediate and High Level Waste Plants at Sellafield. Martin left Sellafield to join the team at LLWR in 2006, just before the organisation separated from British Nuclear Group Ltd to become a standalone site licence company. He was appointed Deputy Managing Director of LLW Repository Ltd in November 2018.

Chief Executive Officer

Low Level Waste Repository Ltd

Previous roles in government

  • Deputy CEO, Executive Director – Commercial & Strategic Development
  • Head of Commercial and Procurement