Chief Executive, Shareholder Executive

Mark Russell


Mark Russell was appointed Chief Executive of the Shareholder Executive in April 2013. Mark joined the Shareholder Executive as head of its Corporate Finance Practice in November 2004 and was appointed Deputy Chief Executive in April 2008.

Previously Mark was a partner in the corporate finance departments of KPMG London and KPMG Frankfurt. Prior to this Mark worked at PwC Corporate Finance and Robert Fleming & Co., Lazard Brothers and A.T. Kearney.

Mark is a non-executive director of London and Continental Railways Limited and Eurostar International Limited, and chairs Eurostar’s audit committee.

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    Chief Executive, Shareholder Executive

    The Chief Executive, Shareholder Executive sits on the BIS Departmental Board and Executive Committee.

    Shareholder Executive comprises four Units: Portfolio Unit (comprising c.20 Government owned companies); Corporate Finance Practice (which oversees the interventions and investments Government makes in private sector companies); Royal Mail & Post Office (which works to safeguard the future of both companies) and Information Economy (which progresses the UK’s Cyber Security Strategy and shapes the business environment to help grow the online economy).

    The Chief Executive chairs the BIS Operations Committee and the cross-Whitehall Central Spectrum Release Group, heads the Civil Service Corporate Finance Profession, and is an observer member of Cabinet Office Sub Committee PEX(A).

    Previous roles in government

    1. Director, Corporate Finance Practice, Shareholder Executive

      • 2004 to 2013