Director General Nuclear

Julian Kelly


Julian Kelly was appointed Director General Nuclear at the Ministry of Defence in May 2017.

Prior to this appointment, Julian was Director General of Public Spending and Finance at HM Treasury. In this role Julian led work on the 2013 Spending Round.

Julian has held a number of other senior roles in the public sector, including as Finance Director in HMT and the Border Agency, and the private sector at HSBC. He is a qualified chartered accountant and member of CIMA.

Director General Nuclear

The Director General Nuclear is responsible for overseeing the delivery of a successful defence nuclear enterprise, which provides the UK’s strategic nuclear deterrent, based on the Trident strategic weapon system and nuclear powered submarines.


  • coordination of nuclear policy across the enterprise and supporting national level decision making on nuclear related matters
  • supporting ministerial engagement with Parliament, the public, and the media on the nuclear deterrent and the wider nuclear enterprise
  • management of the nuclear equipment programme
  • sponsorship of the new specialised delivery bodies
  • engagement with US and French government bodies and agencies on nuclear cooperation

Previous roles in government

  1. Director General, Public Spending and Finance

    • 2014 to 2017