Ambassador and Permanent Representative, UK Mission to the UN and Other International Organisations, Geneva

Julian Braithwaite


Mr Braithwaite joined the FCO in 1994. He spent much of his early career dealing with the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, first in the FCO during the war in Bosnia, with the UN at the end of the war in Croatia, in Belgrade in the run up to the conflict in Kosovo, on secondment in NATO during that conflict, and then with Lord Ashdown in Bosnia. He has worked twice in Downing Street, first for four years as a press officer and then speechwriter for Prime Minister Tony Blair, and then running the Government’s communication campaign during the Libya crisis in 2011. He has served in Washington and most recently in Brussels, as the UK’s Ambassador to the EU Political and Security Committee. He is married to Biljana Braithwaite and has two daughters.

The UK Mission works with over 35 international organisations, agencies and offices in Geneva, including the UN Human Rights Council, the World Trade Organisation, the World Health Organisation, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Labour Office, the International Telecommunications Union, the Conference on Disarmament, CERN and the World Economic Forum.

On his appointment as Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Other International Organisations in Geneva, Mr Braithwaite said:

I’m looking forward to building on the achievements of Ambassador Pierce and her team, to advance Britain’s agenda in Geneva of extending prosperity and respect for human rights; tackling growing global challenges including humanitarian crises, arms control, and disease; and strengthening the UN system.

Curriculum Vitae

Full name: Julian Braithwaite

April 2015 – present Appointed to UK Mission Geneva as Ambassador and Permanent Representative
2011 – 2015 UKREP Brussels, Permanent Representative to the Political and Security Committee of the EU
2011 No 10 Downing St, Head of Libya Communications Team
2008 – 2011 FCO, Director of Consular Services
2004 – 2008 Washington, Counsellor for Global Issues
2002 – 2004 Office of the High Representative, Bosnia, Director of Communications
2000 – 2002 No 10 Downing Street, Speech writer
1999 NATO military headquarters, Mons, Special Adviser to the Supreme Allied Commander
1998 – 2000 No 10 Downing Street, Press Officer
1996 – 1998 Belgrade, First Secretary Political
1995 Adviser to the UN Special Representative of the Secretary General, Zagreb
1994 – 1995 FCO, Desk Officer Bosnia and NATO issues
1994 Joined FCO

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Ambassador and Permanent Representative, UK Mission to the UN and Other International Organisations, Geneva

The Ambassador’s role is to represent the UK within an international organisation, engaging with every other country or organisation that belongs to or observes the body. The Ambassador is also responsible for the direction and work of the Mission. Ambassadors to multilateral missions are often referred to as ‘Permanent Representatives’.

Previous roles in government

  1. UK Representative to the EU’s Political and Security Committee

    • 2011 to 2015


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