Deputy Head of Mission, Tajikistan

Jonathan Layfield



Deputy Head of Mission at the British Embassy in Dushanbe since January 2016.

Jonathan is responsible for the effective operation of the Embassy and for deputising for the Ambassador in his absence. The Embassy has 35 staff from two UK government departments and is one of only three EU Embassies in Tajikistan.

Jonathan has spent most of his career in the Middle East, with postings to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, Iraq and Kuwait. Before Tajikistan he was based in London where he was the Foreign Office’s liaison with Parliamentary Committees. He joined the FCO in 1997

Deputy Head of Mission, Tajikistan

The Deputy Head of Mission is a senior diplomat and typically a key advisor to the Ambassador or High Commissioner. The Deputy is responsible for the daily management of an overseas Embassy or High Commission. They will represent the UK’s interests in the absence of the Ambassador as Chargé d’Affaires. A senior ranking Deputy may also take the title Minister. Smaller missions may not have a Deputy Head.