Member, Regulatory Policy Committee

Jonathan Cave


Jonathan Cave has been Senior Teaching Fellow in Economics at the University of Warwick since 1994 and Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. For more than 30 years, he also worked for the RAND Corporation most recently as Senior Research Fellow at RAND Europe. He has previously been a visiting professor, research fellow and lecturer at several universities in the US, including UC Los Angeles. Before entering academia, he was an economist at the Bank of England and later the US Federal Trade Commission. Jonathan also served on Defra’s Science Advisory Council Exotic Disease Subgroup and the Academic Liaison Panel of the Information Assurance Advisory Council. Jonathan holds no other public appointments and has not undertaken any party political activity.

His current roles include:

  • University of Warwick - Senior Fellow, Economics;
  • Journal of Cybersecurity, Oxford - Editor;
  • Alan Turing Institute, London – Turing Fellow, Data Ethics Group, Ethics Advisory Committee;
  • GNKS-Consult, Rotterdam, Netherlands – Associate;
  • Cyber Civilization Research Centre, Tokyo – Advisory Board;
  • 21c Consultancy, London - Expert Associate;
  • Centre for Science and Policy , Cambridge - Policy Fellow; and
  • Lord Rootes Memorial Fund Committee – Member.

Member, Regulatory Policy Committee

The Regulatory Policy Committee consists of 8 independent experts with experience and current knowledge of business, employee, consumer and economics issues. Members were appointed after an open competition which followed the Commissioner for Public Appointments’ code of practice.

Regulatory Policy Committee