Member of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments

Jonathan Baume


Jonathan Baume is currently a member of the Board of the Health & Safety Executive; a Non-Executive Director of the Office of Nuclear Regulation and of the Criminal Cases Review Commission. Until 2017 he was a Civil Service Commissioner, responsible for regulating appointment to the Civil Service to ensure it is on merit after fair and open competition. Jonathan also served as a member of the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service Council until 2014. Having started his career as a civil servant in the Department of Employment Group, he subsequently worked at the TUC specialising in employment law and equalities issues before joining the FDA, a trade union and professional association for senior public sector managers and professionals, where he served as General Secretary for sixteen years until 2012.

Member of the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments

The role of the committee is to:

  • provide independent advice to the Prime Minister on the application of the government’s Business Appointment Rules to the most senior members of the Civil Service, armed forces, diplomatic service, and intelligence agencies who wish to take up appointments within 2 years of leaving Crown service
  • provide independent advice directly to former ministers on appointments they wish to take up within 2 years of leaving government

See ACOBA’s register of interests for committee members.

Advisory Committee on Business Appointments