Non-Executive Director

John Paton


John was appointed as a non-executive director (NED) for the Home Office in June 2020.

John has extensive international board and leadership experience. He has been Chief Executive of media companies in 4 countries ranging from less than $20 million in annual revenues to more than $1.2 billion and from 100 employees to 10,000 employees in multiple jurisdictions across hundreds of locations.

He is a globally recognised leader in the digital transformation of companies, with a focus on using data and technology to deliver meaningful change. He is currently the Chair of the Evening Standard and of the Independent as well as a member of the investment committee of Pembroke VCT plc.

As a director (of both public and private companies), Mr Paton has sat on numerous audit, risk, remuneration, investment, compliance and digital transformation committees. Through his firm IVA Ventures he is an investor and adviser in a number of digital start-ups in Silicon Valley, United Kingdom and Europe.

Non-Executive Director

The non-executive director team come from the private sector with experience of managing large or complex organisations and projects.

Non-executive directors provide advice and bring an external perspective to the department. They also provide support, guidance and challenge on the progress and implementation of operational business plans, recruitment and succession planning.

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