Chief Digital and Information Officer

Jacky Wright



Jacky joined HMRC in October 2017 from a private sector background. Jacky is well known in the industry as a senior executive who is a transformational global leader and innovative technologist. She is passionate about the impact innovation can have in truly transforming services for people and businesses in a positive way and is proud to represent women and BAME in technology.

Chief Digital and Information Officer

HMRC’s Chief Digital and Information Officer (CDIO) is responsible for all of the technology powering one of the biggest digitally-enabled transformations anywhere in Europe.

The CDIO leads HMRC’s digital and data strategies and has significant involvement in the cross-government agenda. The CDIO is also responsible for running one of the biggest and most complex IT estates in the UK, and implementing HMRC’s pioneering IT Sourcing Strategy.

The CDIO is the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) which covers all aspects of protective, physical, personnel and information security.