Head of DFID DRC

Hugh Walker


Hugh Walker is the new temporary Head of DFID in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2015 Mr Walker was appointed as the Head of Asia Regional for DFID.

Hugh Walker has also been Head of DFID Caribbean and the UK Director of the Caribbean Development Bank from 2102 to 2015.

Hugh joined DFID in 2004, after a career in the Army. Before moving to Bridgetown, Hugh worked in DFID’s country offices in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and India, and in various roles based in the UK.

He has a degree in politics and a master’s in international studies from Sheffield University.

Head of DFID DRC

The head of a DFID country office has overall responsibility for the running of the office and its programmes.

Previous roles in government

  1. Head of DFID Caribbean

    • 2012 to 2015