Director General, Capabilities and Resources

Fiona Spencer



Fiona was appointed Director General, Capabilities and Resources (interim) in November 2017. Previously Fiona was the Chief Portfolio Officer at the Home Office where her responsibilities included leading work on strategic investment, overseeing delivery of the Home Office project portfolio, and building skills and capability as head of profession for project delivery in the Home Office.

Over her career, Fiona has led a range of major government projects in technology, shared service development, and business transformation in the home affairs, criminal justice and mental health arenas. Previous roles have included leading work on:

  • departmental transformation
  • identity strategy for foreign nationals
  • overseeing the development and delivery of IT, estates, information management and shared business services across the Home Office (as Director of Shared Services)

Fiona also graduated from the Government Major Projects Leadership Academy in 2014.

Director General, Capabilities and Resources

The Director General, Capabilities and Resources is responsible for the Home Office’s people, finance and estates, commercial, portfolio management, performance, risk and assurance, security and science functions.