Fiona Morrison


Fiona Morrison took up her present position as Chargé d’affaires in Haiti in Jan 2016.

She joined the FCO as a graduate entrant. Her first posting was as Political Officer to the UK’s Delegation to NATO in 1991. She was then posted to Norway to cover economic and commercial issues and then to Jamaica where she worked on political and security issues. During that time, she was responsible for covering issues on Haiti and travelled to the country regularly. In 2000, she was posted to London where she served as Deputy Private Secretary to 2 successive Permanent Secretaries. Then followed postings to Afghanistan, where she headed up the Embassy’s Political Section and South Africa as Head of External Policy. From 2007-2012, Fiona was Deputy Director in the Cabinet of the NATO Secretary General. From 2012 -2015, she worked remotely from the US, for the FCO’s Projects Task Force.

She is an ardent fan of Haitian art and spends her free time exploring off the beaten track in the countryside of Haiti.

Previous roles in government

  1. Chargé d’Affaires to Haiti