Director General Security Policy

Dominic Wilson


Dominic Wilson is responsible for international security policy in the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, and for policy advice on a range of thematic issues including counter-terrorism, cyber, building stability overseas, conflict prevention and for support to the civil authorities in the UK.

Previous appointments:

  • Director Operational Policy
  • Director Security and Intelligence (Cabinet Office)
  • Director Strategy and Resources

Director General Security Policy

The Director General Security Policy is responsible for:

  • setting the policy framework for all military operations and ensuring appropriate scrutiny and delivery
  • developing defence’s contribution to National Security Objective 1 (Protect) including defence contribution to Contest and the Organised Crime Strategy, and broader military support to the civil authorities
  • developing the policy framework for defence’s contribution to National Security Object 3 (Projecting Influence).
  • support to export campaigns
  • policy on the UN, the AU and peacekeeping operations.
  • policy on defensive and offensive cyber issues
  • policy on women in conflict
  • judicial engagement policy

Ministry of Defence