Government Chief Security Officer

Dominic Fortescue


Dominic Fortescue was appointed Government Chief Security Officer in January 2019, and is Head of the Government Security Function. He joined the Diplomatic Service in 1991 and brings with him a great deal of experience, having worked across a broad range of foreign policy and national security issues for the past 28 years.

Government Chief Security Officer

The Government Chief Security Officer (GCSO) leads the Government Security Function, which seeks to build the capacity and capabilities of security professionals across UK government departments, covering physical, human and information security.

The GCSO is also Director General of the Government Security Group within the Cabinet Office, which is responsible for the oversight, coordination and delivery of protective security within all central government departments, their agencies and arms-length bodies.

The GCSO is also responsible for, and heads, the Government Security Profession, bringing together security professionals from across government in supporting them gain skills and knowledge to fulfil their roles.

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