David Hubbard


David has worked in the nuclear industry for 30 years, joining Cavendish Nuclear in 1989, initially as a welding engineer before moving into construction site management which has been his main area of focus for the last 25 years overseeing a variety of construction projects across the UK and overseas.

David managed the welding construction works on Storebalt Bridge in Denmark as well as being responsible for the decommissioning and demolition of the AWE Cardiff facility back to a brown field site.

David originally came to Dounreay in 2004 when he was responsible for the construction of the breeder removal facility before moving onto managing reactors operations, maintenance and the decommissioning support contract. ​​​​​ From 2013, David worked across the Magnox fleet taking up the role of programme manager responsible for all major construction, demolition and asbestos removal projects across 12 different sites before returning to Dounreay in the role of Construction Director at Dounreay in 2018.

Previous roles in government

  • Programme Delivery Director
  • Construction Director