Interim General Counsel and Solicitor

David Bunting



David has more than 20 years’ legal experience. He trained in the Inland Revenue and has worked extensively on tax matters, leading large HMRC legal teams dealing with tax policy and legislation in relation to UK business and environmental taxes including Corporation Tax, VAT, Customs and Excise duties, oil and gas taxation, Landfill Tax, Climate Change Levy and betting and gaming duties.

He has also led HMRC’s litigation activity, overseeing about 10,000 cases at any one time involving billions in revenues. He was promoted into the Senior Civil Service in 2008 and in 2012 became a legal director at HMRC.

Interim General Counsel and Solicitor

The General Counsel and Solicitor is responsible for all legal services to HMRC, whether provided directly from Solicitor’s Office or from the private sector.

The work of Solicitor’s Office includes the provision of legal advice to the department; work on new legislation, such as the Finance Bill and other Bills, and also subordinate legislation; and the department’s civil litigation. They are also responsible for corporate governance in the department and for the work of the Commissioner’s Advisory Accountant.