Executive Director of Technology and Innovation

Barry Topham


Barry Topham is the Chief Information and Digital Officer at the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Barry took on this role at the DBS in January 2017.

Before joining DBS, Barry worked within the financial services sector. He held a number of senior appointments within banking and financial technology organisations.

Executive Director of Technology and Innovation

Some of the Chief Information and Digital Officer’s responsibilities include:

  • ensuring the organisation manages, exploits and safeguards information to the best effect, implementing best practice in relation to information governance and managing risk
  • providing strategic and tactical planning for IT security and Identifying and mitigating IT and data related risks
  • defining the strategic direction and business priorities for the development of technology solutions, both IT and digital, and leading the development of an IT strategy
  • providing strong leadership and senior-level advocacy for the delivery of digitally driven solutions and to foster innovation
  • acting as a link between external IT providers and the business, working with the finance and resources directorate to procure services and manage supplier performance to ensure business needs are met
  • fully engaging and participating in the corporate change programme, acting as senior responsible owner for product and service delivery as required
  • acting as Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) on corporate projects ensuring the project of change meets its objectives, projected benefits and is conducted cost effectively

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