Anne-Marie Choho


Anne-Marie Choho started her career with AREVA in France 29 years ago.

After 3 years as a research and development engineer, she held several engineering positions in France in nuclear fuel reprocessing, nuclear waste treatment, and mixed oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication projects.

Next, she managed engineering and project activities in the USA for 10 years, both for legacy nuclear waste retrieval, and new constructions.

In 2006, Anne-Marie was appointed Senior Vice President of Areva’s Power Plant Engineering. In 2011, she became Engineering and Projects Senior Executive Vice President, and then Senior Executive Vice President, Safety, Security and Operations Support until May 2016.

In October 2016, Anne-Marie was appointed as a Non-Executive Director of Sellafield Ltd, and in December of that year she was also appointed as Deputy CEO of the SETEC Group, an Engineering and Project Company operating in the transportation, urban infrastructure, water, energy and environment field.

Anne-Marie is also a Non-Executive Director of Technicatome and is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the EDF Group.

Previous roles in government

  • Non-Executive Director