Head of DFID Zimbabwe and DFID South Africa

Annabel Gerry


Annabel started as Head of DFID Zimbabwe in August 2014, and from April 2017 she became responsible for the DFID South Africa Development Partnerships Unit. Annabel has over 20 years of experience in international development, including working for DFID in Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Her previous DFID roles included DFID Head of Profession for Governance, Conflict and Humanitarian, and Head of DFID’s governance and gender policy department. Annabel is a qualified lawyer, and holds an MSc in Development Studies. Before joining DFID she practiced as a solicitor in the City of London, and also lived and worked in development in both Eritrea and Sudan.

Head of DFID Zimbabwe and DFID South Africa

The head of a DFID country office has overall responsibility for the running of the office and its programmes.

Previous roles in government

  1. Head of DFID Zimbabwe

    • 2014 to 2017