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Anand Aithal


Anand Aithal is the Lead Non Executive for the Cabinet Office. He has 30 years of experience spanning data analytics, financial technology, B2B services and professional services.

He was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs prior to starting his own business. The firm he co-founded was a pioneering provider of data analytical services that grew from startup to an enterprise with operations on 3 continents before being acquired by Moody’s Inc.

Anand’s current board and advisory roles encompass asset management, accountancy, fintech and insurance. He has also served on not-for-profit boards in the education and international development arenas. Uniting this diverse career is a focus on helping knowledge-intensive organisations evolve their business models and operations in response to changing technology while remaining true to their core values. He has been on the Cabinet Office Board since February 2019.

Anand has extensive international experience having lived and worked in the USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka and Costa Rica. He has an MA in Economics from Cambridge University.

Lead non-executive board member

Non-Executive Board Members are appointed on merit, reflecting ability and experience, for a fixed term, usually three years. They will exercise their role through influence and advice, supporting as well as challenging the Executive. They will advise on the clarity of strategic direction, performance, operational issues and the effective management of the Department. These responsibilities should be conducted both in and outside of Board meetings - the Executive should invite and involve the Non-Executives in key areas to ensure critical challenge and support.

Non-Executives Board Members’ views on performance will be reported by the Lead Non-Executive Board Member in the Department’s Annual Report. Non-Executives’ views will also be fed back to the Prime Minister and the Government Lead Non-Executive through the Non-Executive Board Members’ Network.

Non-Executive Board Members may be involved in the process for recruiting and appraising senior executives, and succession planning.

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