Procurement at UKAEA

Information for those looking to become a supplier or contractor for the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

We implement procurement best practice by focusing on achieving value for money, transparency and seek to treat all contractors (including SME’s) fairly and equitably and recognise the important contribution that small businesses can make to the delivery of our organisational objectives and strategies.

Our external spend is worth in the region of £65million per year and covers a wide range of opportunities for Suppliers.


For upcoming opportunities we advertise through the Cabinet Office Contracts Finder. Contracts Finder is a one-stop-shop for suppliers to identify contract opportunities. For opportunities above EU Procurement thresholds, we also advertise in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Expressions of interest, requests to participate or enquiries, where applicable, should be submitted directly to the named Contracts person in the advertisement who is responsible for that package of work.

Pre-qualification questionnaires are not generally used for sub OJEU opportunities, PQQ’s in relation to OJEU opportunities will be clearly stated within the advertisements and will require submission of information about competencies, qualifications, organisation and relevant experience for the particular project advertised.

Routes to market

We use a number of methods to purchase goods and services. The approach taken will depend on the contract value, type of product/service, the complexity of the requirement and the duration of the agreement.

  • low value off the shelf purchases (current threshold <£20,000) – a simple purchase order with terms and conditions (see attachment) is issued for low value purchases

  • sub OJEU opportunities – Contracts are set up following a competitive tender exercise or single supply contacts are set up in exceptional circumstances. Tender exercises are published as opportunities on the Cabinet Office Contracts Finder portal

  • collaborative supply agreements – we use the government negotiated collaborative agreements wherever possible, and places contracts through the Government Procurement Service portal

  • framework agreements – a framework agreement is an arrangement where terms, conditions and often pricing are agreed with a supplier(s) for a set period, which then allows orders to be placed quickly without a full tender being completed. A tender exercise is undertaken to set the Framework up in the first instance

  • EU Procurement Directives - we observe the requirements of the European Union Procurement Directives for all contracts over the thresholds. Invitations for Expressions of Interest are advertised in the European Journal. All tenders placed in the European Journal are also published on the Cabinet Office Contracts Finder portal once publication in OJEU is confirmed. More information is also available at the OJEU website

Standard purchase order conditions

UKAEA’s Standard Purchase Order Conditions are available in the attached document UKAEA standard purchase order conditions (PDF, 287KB, 4 pages)

Contact the procurement team

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