About us

The Tribunal Procedure Committee makes rules governing the practice and procedure in the First-tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal.

Privacy notice

Privacy notice (PDF, 366KB, 4 pages)

Our responsibilities

We make rules with the aim of ensuring that:

  • tribunals are accessible and fair
  • cases are quick and efficient
  • rules are simple and clear

We also carry out consultations on proposed changes to the rules.

Visit the National Archives to view our older closed consultations.

Our priorities

Our priorities will be to keep the 9 sets of Tribunal Procedural Rules under constant review. We’ll consider new appeal rights and amendments brought about by other government departments and legislative change.


Members are appointed or nominated by senior members of the judiciary or the Lord Chancellor.

The committee holds about 9 meetings per year.

Name Role Appointed by First appointed Term of office ends
Mr Justice Roth Chairman Senior President, Tribunals May 2016  
Mr Philip Brook Smith QC - Lord Chancellor 1 March 2017 28 February 2020
Ms Jane Shillaker First-tier Tribunal Member Lord Chancellor 1 May 2017 30 April 2020
Donald Ferguson Tribunal Judge Lord President of the Court of Session 8 March 2017 7 March 2019
Miss Jayam Dalal First-tier Tribunal Member Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales May 2014 April 2020
Ms Christine Martin Upper Tribunal Judge Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales July 2017 July 2020
Gabriella Bettiga Member Lord Chancellor May 2018 May 2021

Appointments by the Lord Chancellor are made under the terms of a public appointments code of practice.


6 June 2018 minutes (PDF, 315KB, 4 pages)