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The independent Committee on Standards in Public Life advises the Prime Minister on arrangements for upholding ethical standards of conduct across public life in England. We are not a regulator and cannot investigate individual complaints.

The Committee advises the Prime Minister on ethical standards across public life. It conducts broad inquiries, collecting evidence to assess institutions, policies and practices and makes recommendations to the Prime Minister where appropriate.

The Committee promotes the Principles of Public Life, which outline the ethical standards those working in the public sector are expected to adhere to. The Principles apply to all public office holders and private and voluntary organisations delivering services paid for by public funds.

The Committee has no remit to comment on or investigate individual cases.

Under its remit, the Committee cannot inquire into matters relating to devolved legislatures and governments except with their agreement. When the subject of the Committee’s reviews impact on reserved areas however, the Committee seeks the views of the devolved administrations as appropriate.

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The Committee on Standards in Public Life

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