Who sits on the Technical Advisory Board.

The Technical Advisory Board’s membership includes representatives from the telecommunications industry, government/public authorities, and independent members including an independent chair.

Members are appointed by the Home Secretary in accordance with the guidelines published by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

Current members

The current independent representatives are

  • Jonathan Hoyle, Chair (Lockheed Martin International)
  • John Boutal (Independent Consultant)
  • Alan Burnett (Roke Manor Research)

The current industry representatives are:

  • Neil Brown (Decoded Legal)
  • Chris Diggens (DXC Technology)
  • Alex Leadbeater (GSMA)
  • Nicola Pierce (Sky UK)
  • Adrian Gorham (VirginMediaO2)
  • Keith James (Vodafone)

Details of board members who represent government or a public authority agency are not public information.