Our governance

Details of our working groups and subcommittees.

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner has established an advisory council to advise on specific areas relating to surveillance camera systems. A standards group has also been set up to work on simplifying and improving the surveillance camera system standards framework.

Surveillance camera advisory council

The surveillance camera advisory council supports the Surveillance Camera Commissioner by considering and offering advice on matters related to the commissioner’s functions to:

  • encourage compliance with the surveillance camera code
  • review the operation of the code
  • provide advice about the code (and breaches of it)
  • prepare reports about the functions of the commissioner

The council will also consider and advise on issues concerning surveillance camera systems which are referred to the council by the commissioner.

Terms of reference

Surveillance camera standards group

The surveillance camera standards group has been established to advise the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and the surveillance camera advisory council on matters within its remit such as the simplification of the surveillance camera standards landscape.

The group will provide advice on all matters related to the preparation, implementation and monitoring of surveillance camera standards within the remit of the surveillance camera systems codes of practice.

Terms of reference
Meeting minutes: 16 November 2015 (PDF, 147KB, 5 pages)

See the National Archives website for minutes from August 2015 or earlier.