Statistics at SLC

SLC publishes official statistics about the financial support received by students/learners and the progress of student loan balances and repayment.

Forthcoming publications

Our latest releases of official statistics are available in the statistics release calendar.

Statistical collections

Student support

Student loans debt and repayment

Other statistics

Search for SLC statistics

Use the document search to find statistics reports and documents that SLC has published (including guidance). You can also sign up for email alerts for new publications.

Archived statistics

You can find statistics published since April 2017 on GOV.UK. Our archived statistics are available from the UK Government Web Archive.

Policies and procedures for SLC statistics

We adhere to the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice for Statistics

Read more about our compliance with the code of practice or the latest code of practice breach reports.

Also see Policy changes affecting student finance for historical student finance policy changes.


If you have a query, complaint or feedback in regards to any of our published statistics, you can contact us at: