Social media use

The @The_SSAC Twitter account is managed by the SSAC secretariat.

If you follow this account, you can expect tweets covering some or all of:

  • signposts to news, announcements and reports
  • reports relating to our visits and stakeholder activity
  • re-tweets of notable announcements eg to calls for evidence by the Work and Pensions Select Committee and announcements by the Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs, and other UK government departments and other organisations

Following @The_SSAC

We will follow organisations and individuals who we believe have relevance to our work. The fact that SSAC follows an account should not be seen as an endorsement of that organisation or individual.


We may refer to existing hashtags that are in common use. This is in order to categorise messages for ease of reference. It should not be taken as endorsement of any kind.

@messages and direct messages

We will review messages during office hours, Monday to Friday (not including public holidays). We will not be able to reply to them all but that does not mean we are not listening to your views.

We are unable to help with individual benefit queries so please do not use SSAC’s Twitter channel as a channel to seek advice on or discuss individual benefit enquiries. We strongly recommend that you do not discuss any personal or financial details, or give out any personal information on Twitter.