About us

OPS&S supersedes the former Regulatory Delivery directorate, and will work with local authorities and others to take forward its responsibilities, including Primary Authority and Better Business for All. Regulatory Delivery was part of the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.


We are responsible for:

  • advising ministers on policy, including overseeing the UK’s system of weights and measures, hallmarking and utility metering, and in relation to the safety of consumer products
  • ensuring the concerns of business are heard and influence policy
  • working with stakeholders to achieve the right policy outcomes in simpler, cheaper and better ways
  • operating Primary Authority, which allows businesses to have a single local authority as their point of contact for regulation
  • helping businesses and regulators work together to solve local issues
  • providing business services, particularly in certification and legal metrology
  • sharing our expertise at home and overseas


Our priorities will be formed in the coming months, and will include a focus on:

  • the extension of Primary Authority
  • creating a Regulatory Centre of Excellence
  • providing a technical enforcement capacity
  • embedding a strategic approach to local regulation through devolution deals
  • simplifying the legislative framework for technical regulation
  • delivering certification and technical services to businesses

Who we are

Regulatory Delivery was created on 1 April 2016 to focus on regulation and enforcement, bringing together the Better Regulation Delivery Office and the National Measurement and Regulation Office as a directorate in the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, which became the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on 14 July 2016. We operate across the United Kingdom and have two main bases in central Birmingham and Teddington. Graham Russell is the Director of Regulatory Delivery.

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