About us

We provide support to the Leader of the House of Lords. The Leader of the House is appointed by the Prime Minister, is a member of Cabinet, and is responsible for the conduct of government business in the Lords. The Leader advises the House on procedure and order, and she and her office are available to assist and advise all members of the House.


We support the Leader in her parliamentary and ministerial duties, which include:

  • leading the government benches in the House of Lords
  • delivery of the government’s business in the Lords (jointly responsible with the Lords Chief Whip)
  • repeating in the Lords statements made by the Prime Minister in the Commons
  • giving guidance to the House on matters of procedure and order
  • taking part in formal ceremonies in the House, like the State Opening of Parliament
  • Chair, Board of Trustees for Chevening

We also provide private office support to the Rt Hon Earl Howe in his capacity as Deputy Leader.

Who we are

We are a small team based in the Palace of Westminster.

Together with the Leader of the House of Commons, the Chief Whips and their respective deputies in both houses, our ministers and offices are otherwise known as the Parliamentary Business Managers.

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