Our governance

Our management team

The Office of the Advocate General (OAG) works with the Advocate General to set the direction of the organisation’s priorities.

It also has responsibility for effective management of staff, finance and risk.

Joint Management Board

OAG and the Scotland Office share a corporate governance structure and a single Parliamentary vote.

The offices have a Joint Management Board (JMB) chaired by the Secretary of State for Scotland. The Director of the Scotland Office is the Principal Accounting Officer for both offices.

JMB is senior group responsible for advising on strategic and operational issues within the Scotland Office and OAG to ensure effective and efficient delivery of Ministerial priorities and needs by the two organisations, commensurate with public accountability.

Read the edited versions of the JMB minutes on the Scotland Office Governance page.

For previous minutes, see The National Archives

The board’s non-executive member is the chair of the Audit Committee. Another member of the Audit Committee attends the board as a non-executive member.

Audit Committee

The Scotland Office and OAG Audit Committee provides assurance and advice on management of resources and risk to the Director of the Scotland Office as Principal Accounting Officer.

The Audit Committee is advised by the National Audit Office and by Internal Audit of the Ministry of Justice.

The annual report of the Audit Committee is published as an annex to the annual report of the Scotland Office and OAG.