About us

The Office for Civil Society (OCS) is responsible for policy relating to young people, volunteers, charities, social enterprises and public service mutuals. We aim to enrich lives, drive growth and promote Britain to the world by working in partnership with civil society, private businesses, investors and all parts of government.

Who we are

We have around 90 staff working within DCMS in London and across England.

OCS champions the civil society sector and works with national and local agencies, commissioners, social enterprises, mission led businesses, mutuals and charities and community groups large and small.

Our responsibilities

Our responsibilities include:

  • to tackle deep seated and complex social problems by developing an ambitious civil society strategy
  • to enable a strong regulatory environment with a capable and well-resourced Charity Commission in place
  • to lead government’s work on tackling loneliness
  • to deliver the National Citizen Service
  • to mobilise private investment, responsible business and alternative models of delivery though our ‘inclusive economy’ work
  • to empower communities by promoting a lifetime of social action
  • to support the Prime Minister to deliver a daily Points of Light award

Our priorities

Through our work with and for civil society, OCS aims to enrich lives, drive growth and promote Britain to the world.

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