About us

The NHS Pay Review Body (NHSPRB) advises on the pay of NHS staff.

Who we are

Our current members are:

  • Philippa Hird (Chair)
  • Patricia Gordon
  • Professor David Ulph OBE
  • Professor Jonathan Wadsworth


We are responsible for:

  • making recommendations on the pay of all staff paid under Agenda for Change (NHS staff pay and grading system) and employed in the NHS, with the exception of doctors, dentists and very senior managers
  • conducting research on pay and related matters
  • visiting trusts and health units to meet staff and managers to gather information and views on pay and related issues

The remit group includes all staff in NHS England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and accounts for just under 1.5 million NHS staff (headcount).

Our annual reports are submitted jointly to:

  • the Prime Minister
  • the Secretary of State for Health
  • ministers of the Scottish government, the Welsh Assembly government and the Northern Ireland Executive

Code of practice

Our code of practice is included in our governance.

Corporate information

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