Our governance

We are managed by the National Offender Management Service (NOMS) board and the executive management committee. We also have an audit committee.

NOMS Board

The board is responsible for all top-level agency decisions, including:

  • strategy
  • finance
  • risk assessment
  • performance management

It gives direction to the executive management committee on:

  • management
  • planning
  • accounting and finance
  • internal controls
  • following legislation and rules
  • meeting agency objectives

The board supports the executive management committee to make sure it upholds the organisation’s values and provides its services.

NOMS Executive Management Committee

The executive management committee advises the board and reports on all day-to-day activity in the agency. The committee has the power to make management decisions about the agency in between board meetings, to make sure the agency can provide its services and meet its objectives.

NOMS Audit Committee

The audit committee is a separate non-management group that gives independent advice on:

  • risks
  • governance and control
  • the audit programme
  • internal audit reports

Throughout the year, it reviews the progress of plans and checks that these are on track to being completed. It also looks at how the recommendations from other organisations’ audits are being carried out and if these are successful.