Membership of the NDNAD ethics group and meeting minutes.

The senior sponsor, Stephen Webb of the Home Office Biometrics Strategy, is responsible for ensuring that the National DNA Database Ethics Group meets its obligations. The chair of the NDNAD is Christopher Hughes, OBE.

Following open competition, the following new members have been appointed to the National DNA Database Ethics Group for a 3-year term starting from July 2014.

  • Dr Adil Akram, a Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Dr Alan Clamp, currently the Chief Executive of the Human Tissue Authority (HTA), with an academic background in clinical biochemistry
  • Dr Christopher Harling, CBE, a retired Consultant Physician in Occupational Health
  • Carol Moore, a retired Senior Civil Servant in the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS)
  • Isabel Nisbet, has an academic background in moral philosophy, with additional knowledge of medical law.
  • Professor Barbara Prainsack, a Political Scientist
  • Jennifer Temkin LLD, FAcSS, Professor of Law, The City Law School (City, University of London)

Current members

The current members of the Ethics Group are:

  • Christopher Hughes, OBE (Chair)
  • Dr Adil Akram
  • Dr Alan Clamp
  • Dr Nina Hallowell
  • Dr Christopher Harling
  • Professor David Latchman, CBE
  • Carol Moore, CB
  • Isabel Nisbet
  • Professor Barbara Prainsack
  • Professor Jennifer Temkin


Previous minutes are available on the National Archives website.