Our energy use

We publish information on how much energy our headquarters uses, as part of efforts to make government operations and spending more transparent.

About 2 Marsham Street

2 Marsham Street houses the headquarters of the Home Office and part of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government - this is about 4,000 occupants.

2 Marsham Street, which opened in 2005, achieved recognition for its environmental credentials during construction and its current display energy certificate is an E rating. We have been working in conjunction with our facilities providers (Bouygues E&S FM UK Ltd) and energy consultants (Energen) to change the way we work in order to save energy.


The live energy display, hosted by the Home Office, allows you to view, interactively and almost live, electricity, gas and water consumption as well as waste, cost and carbon dioxide emissions.


We are happy to respond to any questions you have about our energy data and carbon reduction work. Please email sustainableoperations@communities.gov.uk.