About us

We are the Innovation centre for UK Joint Forces Command, seeking innovation and technology to enhance and improve the operation of the UK armed forces.

Our team

We are a small team of military and civilian staff, known as ‘Innovation Scouts’, within Joint Forces Command based in London, which acts as a broker to help suppliers new to defence or government.

Our aim

We aim to find world class technology and talent and get them into the hands of the Joint Force Command user. jHub also works closely with international defence organisations, the UK government, trade organisations, academia and other bodies which seek to encourage innovation in the UK.

We look to repurpose high Technical Readiness Level (TRL) technology from areas not traditionally with a defence focus, to provide software, hardware or to solve a process or people issue. jHub’s role is two-fold:

  • reaching into users within Joint Forces Command to understand their needs
  • reaching out to suppliers to identify opportunities and solutions

How we do business with industry

jHub works with the 7 organisations within JFC to identify problems, such as capability gaps or areas for improvement. Industry is then invited to submit their solutions in the form of a proposal. Utilising a traditional funnel design, jHub then works to a 4 stage process:

Rapid evaluation

Identifies whether there is a good match between user problem and supplier proposal.

Opportunity assessment

Assesses whether there is sufficient user desirability, technical feasibility and business viability to take the product into the next stage (Pilot). A series of questions is used as a framework and an internal jHub panel will assess each Opportunity Assessment before progressing to the next step.

jHub has a delegated authority (£1 million in FY18/19) to fund pilots as it sees fit.


Users will test the product/service in the field to see if it meets their needs. Pilots can take anything from 1 month to 6 months depending on the product and culminates in a formal presentation to the JFC Innovation Board .

JFC Innovation Board

Pilot results will be presented to the board which is empowered to make a decision as to whether to take the pilot forward into core. The JFC Innovation Board has £20 million in FY18/19 to fund successful projects.