Staff news and information

Advice to staff will be provided on this webpage in the event of an incident, emergency or disaster affecting IPO estate or business.

Weather status update

All IPO offices are open for business during working hours.

Security status

IPO offices are currently at security level: Heightened.

General security advice

If you think you see any suspicious activity please report it to the police using official channels.

Please continue to take sensible precautions including making sure that your government security pass is not visible at all whilst in public but that it is available to security teams on entry to any government building, remaining clearly visible whilst on site. As always, challenge anyone that doesn’t appear to have a pass, and be prepared to be challenged if not wearing yours.

Staff incident helpline 0345 603 4599

All staff, contractors and consultants should ensure they make a note of this number. It is recommended you add this number to your contacts.

You can get up to date BCP information via our BCP twitter feed