Research at IPO

We carry out and commission research relating to intellectual property, patent applications, trade marks and copyright.

Our research programme aims to help us develop policy that’s informed by evidence, and to help us understand the needs of service users.

Research publications

The IPO has been working with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) on a project to develop a methodology to measure the levels and impact of counterfeiting of physical goods on the UK economy. For more information please see the OECD.

The IPO has recently collaborated on a research project with PRS for Music on Stream-ripping. This is the process by which licensed content is copied without permission, and therefore illegally, from third party streaming services such as YouTube and Spotify. It can then be stored for later use on the end user’s computer or mobile device. There are websites, software applications and mobile applications that are used to carry out this activity and this study looks at those methods in detail. For more information see PRS for Music

You can search our research and analysis publications from 2010 to the present date. You can add keywords and other filters to refine the search results.

Older research and analysis publications are available from The National Archives.

Publication of the IPO Annual Research and Evaluation Priorities 2016/17

Each year we publish what the research priorities will be for the forthcoming 12-18 months. This will cover all of the intellectual property rights and will be based around enforcement and infringement; the value of IP; and the impact on innovation and growth. For this year’s priorities see Research and evaluation priorities 2016/2017 (PDF, 112KB, 3 pages) .


We are committed to evaluating our policies to demonstrate impact. Our Evaluation strategy (PDF, 297KB, 4 pages) outlines the principles we apply when deciding how to plan for and carry out our evaluation projects.

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Customer research at the IPO

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