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We carry out and commission research relating to intellectual property, patent applications, trade marks and copyright.

Our research programme aims to help us develop policy that’s informed by evidence, and to help us understand the needs of service users.

Research publications

The British Business Bank, in collaboration with the Intellectual Property Office, examines the challenges facing Small and Medium Enterprise’s (SME’s) in using intellectual property as collateral for lending. It shows that firms with intellectual property have lower rates of default and loss than those without, and suggests further avenues of enquiry to address current market failures. For more information see the report Using intellectual property to access growth funding (PDF, 1.21MB, 24 pages) .

Publication of Music 2025 - The Music Data Dilemma: issues facing the music industry in improving data management.

Music 2025 aims to research and offer solutions to the complex data management issues involved in digital music content and the growth of streaming. Commissioned by the IPO, and carried out by Ulster University, Music 2025 considers the fragmented and diverse nature of the sector, looks at the current infrastructure and makes recommendations on potential solutions to improve the transparency and efficiency of digital data management. The ultimate ambition is to develop solutions that can be used by other digital content sectors.

This report was recently launched at the AI Conference in London.

Artificial Intelligence - a worldwide overview of AI patents

The UK government is dedicated to advancing the UK’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector. AI is estimated to add £630bn to the UK economy by 2035. AI is one of the four grand challenges forming the UK government’s Industrial Strategy. Looking through a patent-focused lens, this report provides an overview of the current trends in the AI sector worldwide. It then focuses on patenting activity by the UK AI sector.

Patenting in AI technologies over the past decade has seen increases of over 400% in the number of published patent applications. The UK AI sector has seen its patenting activity more than double over the same period. This report provides the basis for further research into the growth of AI patenting at both the global and UK level

This report is now live and was launched at the IPO’s recent AI conference in London.

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Older research and analysis publications are available from The National Archives.

Publication of the IPO Annual Research and Evaluation Priorities 2016/17

Each year we publish what the research priorities will be for the forthcoming 12-18 months. This will cover all of the intellectual property rights and will be based around enforcement and infringement; the value of IP; and the impact on innovation and growth. For this year’s priorities see Research and evaluation priorities 2016/2017 (PDF, 112KB, 3 pages) .


We are committed to evaluating our policies to demonstrate impact. Our Evaluation strategy (PDF, 297KB, 4 pages) outlines the principles we apply when deciding how to plan for and carry out our evaluation projects.

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