Research at IPO

We carry out and commission research relating to intellectual property, patent applications, trade marks and copyright.

Our research programme aims to help us develop policy that’s informed by evidence, and to help us understand the needs of service users.

Research and statistics

A full list of all the IPO’s published research are available.

Publication of the IPO Annual Research and Evaluation Priorities 2022/23

Each year we aim to publish the IPO’s research priorities for the next 12-18 months. The priorities cover all of the intellectual property rights and are based around Delivering excellent IP services; Making the IPO a brilliant place to work; and Creating a world leading IP environment. For this year’s priorities see IPO annual research and evaluation priorities 2022/23.

IPO counterfeit goods research

A large scale consumer survey looking at buying counterfeit goods

This is the result of a survey of 5000 UK adults (aged 18+). Those who completed the survey discussed their buying history and habits, including counterfeit goods.

The survey covered 6 product areas: Beauty and Hygiene; Clothing, Footwear and Accessories; Sports; and Toys.

The survey was developed in consultation with the relevant industry and trade bodies.


We are committed to evaluating our policies to demonstrate impact. Our Evaluation strategy (PDF, 297 KB, 4 pages) outlines the principles we apply when deciding how to plan for and carry out our evaluation projects.

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