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We are the government’s centre of expertise for infrastructure and major projects, reporting to the Cabinet Office and HM Treasury.

We support the successful delivery of all types of infrastructure and major projects: ranging from railways, schools, hospitals and housing, to defence, IT and major transformation programmes.

The IPA works with government and industry to ensure infrastructure and major projects are delivered efficiently and effectively, and to improve performance over time.

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Our purpose is to continuously improve the way infrastructure and major projects are delivered, in order to support government priorities and improve people’s lives.

Our organisation was formed on 1 January 2016 when it brought together Infrastructure UK (IUK) and the Major Projects Authority (MPA).


We are responsible for:

  • the overall project delivery system, which includes the projects, people and processes
  • supporting and de-risking the most complex and high risk projects
  • developing the skills and capability of the people who deliver projects
  • overseeing the project life-cycle from policy and financing through to independent assurance


We bring together expertise from across the IPA to prioritise the following four activities:

  • setting up projects for success by influencing the policy environment, deploying our expertise as early as possible and helping projects access resources
  • creating market confidence by providing foresight and transparency on the future pipeline of projects and establishing the right financial policies and products to support private investment
  • building delivery capability by providing world class leadership programmes, career pathways and leading the project delivery and project finance professions
  • measuring and improving performance of infrastructure and major projects over time, in order to help them deliver benefits for society and provide value for money

Who we are

Our five core teams include experts in infrastructure, project delivery and project finance who work with government departments and industry. We support individual infrastructure and major projects, and strive to continuously improve the project delivery system.

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