Information about the Independent Reconfiguration Panel's members, meeting minutes and business reviews.


The Independent Reconfiguration Panel is chaired by Lord Bernard Ribeiro.

The lay members are:

  • Diane Davies, a volunteer patient and carer representative and “expert by experience” supporting Care Quality Commission inspections
  • Mary Elford, vice chair of a mental health and community services trust and non-executive director of Health Education England
  • Linn Phipps, an independent consultant with a specialist interest in patient and public engagement, effective health scrutiny by local government and addressing health inequalities
  • James Partridge, founder of Changing Faces, the UK charity supporting and representing people with disfigurements
  • Suzanne Shale, an independent consultant in healthcare ethics, patient safety and healthcare leadership

The clinical members are:

  • Shera Chok, a GP in east London and Medical Director for Tower Hamlets GP Care Group
  • Stephen D’Souza, a consultant in vascular and non-vascular interventional radiology at Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Anthony Schapira, a consultant neurologist and Head of the Department of Clinical and Movement Neurosciences at University College London
  • Helen Thomson, a former chief nurse and deputy chief executive at Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust
  • Miles Wagstaff, a consultant paediatrician and neonatologist at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The managerial members are:

  • Rosemary Granger, a leadership coach and independent consultant since 2010, working with the NHS and local authorities
  • Simon Morritt, Chief Executive of Chesterfield Royal NHS Foundation Trust
  • Zoe Penn, executive Medical Director, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Mark Taylor, former Chief Officer of North Norfolk CCG, now working for a GP Federation
  • John Wilderspin, a former NHS chief executive in provider and commissioning organisations

Further information about members can be found in Membership 19.02.19 (MS Word Document, 7.84MB) .

Declarations of interest

IRP members are asked to declare publicly any private interests - both financial and non-financial - which may, or may be perceived to, conflict with public duties.

When deciding what to declare, members should consider whether a member of the public, acting reasonably, would consider that the interest in question might influence their words, actions or decisions.

The members’ declarations form a register of members’ interests, which is maintained by the IRP secretariat.

Minutes of IRP meetings

20 September 2018 (MS Word Document, 76.5KB)

19 July 2018 (MS Word Document, 82.5KB)

15 March 2018 (MS Word Document, 73.5KB)

18 January 2018 (MS Word Document, 70KB)

16 November 2017 (MS Word Document, 74KB)

21 September 2017 (MS Word Document, 72.5KB)

20 July 2017 (MS Word Document, 67KB)

18 May 2017 (MS Word Document, 72KB)

19 January 2017 (MS Word Document, 72.5KB)

10 November 2016 (MS Word Document, 73.5KB)

8 September 2016 (MS Word Document, 69KB)

14 July 2016 (MS Word Document, 73.5KB)

10 March 2016 (MS Word Document, 73.5KB)

14 January 2016 (MS Word Document, 68KB)

10 September 2015 (MS Word Document, 67.5KB)

9 July 2015 (MS Word Document, 67KB)

14 May 2015 (MS Word Document, 66.5KB)

8 January 2015 (MS Word Document, 63.5KB)

13 November 2014 (MS Word Document, 62KB)

10 July 2014 (MS Word Document, 54.5KB)

8 May 2014 (MS Word Document, 69KB)

14 November 2013 (MS Word Document, 59.5KB)

12 September 2013 (MS Word Document, 55KB)

11 July 2013 (MS Word Document, 30.5KB)

Previous minutes can be found on the IRP pages on the National Archive.

Business reviews

2017-18 (PDF, 936KB, 24 pages)

2016-17 (PDF, 637KB, 20 pages)

2015-16 (PDF, 656KB, 19 pages)

2014-15 (PDF, 434KB, 20 pages)

2013-14 (PDF, 462KB, 24 pages)

2012-13 (PDF, 462KB, 23 pages)

2011-12 (PDF, 501KB, 24 pages)