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The Government Security Profession brings security professionals working in government together to help them gain skills and knowledge.

The Government Security Profession is part of the Government Security Function, which seeks to build the capacity and capabilities of security professionals across UK Government, covering Physical, Personnel, Cyber and Technical Security and Corporate Enablers.

The Government Security Function is headed by Dominic Fortescue, Director General and Government Chief Security Officer.

Security is all about people - whether they are threat actors, those we seek to protect, or those who are doing the protecting. This is critical in helping to protect UK Government and our citizens both at home and overseas. Building the Government Security Profession is therefore one of Government Security’s strategic priorities.

Our vision is to create a world-leading and dynamic Government Security Profession which engages, supports and inspires our existing security professionals and continues to build a diverse, motivated and thriving security community.

We aim to:

  • attract and recruit the best talent into the Government Security Profession
  • retain a responsive, highly skilled and motivated workforce
  • develop a clear learning offer with external accreditation and interchange with industry
  • support and align clear career pathways across the profession and wider government
  • ensure future talent pipelines including Cyber Apprenticeships and graduate schemes

Career opportunities and professional development

The Government Security Profession offers you an opportunity to chart a career in Government Security, working across government and beyond, to develop your skills and expertise.

The profession brings together all security professionals working in government to help them gain the skills and knowledge they need to carry out their roles, and to create a highly attractive place to work.

Government Security Profession career framework

We have created a career framework that helps security professionals deliver high quality work in complex and challenging roles by providing a mechanism for them to develop skills and expertise in Government Security Profession roles.

Visit the Civil Service Careers security page.

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