Complaints procedure

Information on how to make a complaint to the Government Property Agency

If you have a complaint about the Government Property Agency, this statement sets out the procedures that we will follow in dealing with that complaint.

In the first instance you should contact the head of the Directorate with which you have been dealing. Details are set out below:

Workplace Services (Occupier Management and Facilities Management): Dominic Brankin +44 (0) 7525 388500

Commercial: Nick Sammons +44 (0) 7895 329838

Client Solutions: Alan Whitelaw +44 (0) 7785 593851

Capital Projects: Martin Sellar +44 (0) 7712 698895

Where your complaint is initially made orally, you will be asked to send a written (paper or email) summary of your complaint to the person dealing with it. We will consider your complaint as quickly as possible and will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 working days of receiving it.

Within 14 days of receipt of your written complaint, the person dealing with your complaint will write to you, in order to inform you of the outcome of the investigation into your complaint and to let you know of what actions have been taken, or will be taken. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our handling of your complaint, you should write to:

Steven Boyd,
Government Property Agency,
10 Victoria Street,
London SW1H 0NN

He will conduct a separate review of your complaint and will contact you within 14 days to inform you of the conclusion of this review.

If agreement is not reached on how to resolve your complaint, and you feel we have not sought to address your concerns within eight weeks, you have the opportunity to take your complaint to the Director General of Government Property for independent review as part of his remit as Government Property Agency Sponsor, by writing to:

Mike Parsons,
Director General of Government Property,
Office of Government Property,
1 Horseguards Road,
London SW1A 2HQ

You will need to submit your complaint within 12 months of receiving our final viewpoint letter, including any evidence to support the case. All complaints must first be addressed through this in-house complaints procedure before being submitted for an independent review.