About us

We are responsible for providing solutions to specialist estates management issues across government.


We work to develop a government estate that is:

  • safe - health and safety is a critical issue for government workers and the public
  • secure - whether it is a facility or an area of land, government property needs to be protected from intrusion, damage and unauthorised use
  • economical - limited resources mean that public sector bodies need to make tough decisions about priorities
  • efficient - to maximise value for money, it’s essential for public bodies to increase the efficiency of their estate services and investments
  • sustainable - the government has set high standards for the public sector to reduce its impact on the environment and ensure a sustainable future


GEM’s advisory team provides a range of services to clients. We are committed to:

  • promoting best practices in estates management
  • delivering value-added services to our clients
  • providing consultancy advice on issues involving the government estate
  • managing public expectations in relation to estates management