Our governance

Information on the Government Actuary's Department board and sub-committees.

Management board

The management board is responsible for our overall strategy. It ensures the appropriate management of the risks that face the department and takes decisions on key high level issues.


  • Martin Clarke - Government Actuary
  • Matt Gurden - Deputy Government Actuary
  • Stephen Humphrey - Actuarial Director (Quality, Compliance and Risk)
  • Dave Johnston - Actuarial Director (People and Capability)
  • Indrani Banerjee-Jones - Director of Finance and Operations
  • Wendy Dabinett - Director of Human Resources

The board includes 3 non-executive board members. The management board meets at least 8 times per year.

Audit and risk assurance committee

Our audit and risk assurance committee is chaired by a non-executive board member and reports directly to the Accounting Officer and the management board. The chair provides an annual report on the work of the audit and risk assurance committee to the accounting officer. The committee meets at least every 3 months. The terms of reference are now published on our website.

Individual roles and responsibilities

Professional and technical matters are overseen by the Head of Technical & Professional who reports to the Deputy Government Actuary.

The Director of Human Resources is responsible for people issues, reporting directly to the Accounting Officer.