About us

The Geospatial Commission is an expert committee that will set the UK’s geospatial strategy and promote the best use of geospatial data.

The Geospatial Commission

The Geospatial Commission is a government commitment to maximise the value of geospatial data, with £80 million of allocated funding. It will also help the growth of the digital economy and consolidate the UK’s position as the best place to start and grow a digital business.

The commission will champion and elevate this strength by being a thought leader that coordinates the generation and facilitates the use of domestic geospatial data, products and services across the private and public sectors.

The commission will demonstrate innovative solutions for identified strategic challenges, and accelerate delivery of economic, social and environmental benefits derived from geospatial data.

It will bring together data producers, particularly those in the public sector, to make the production and access to data more coordinated, useful and seamless. It will engage with the private sector with the full support of government.

Partner bodies

As part of providing strategic oversight of the geospatial ecosystem in the UK, the commission will have a close relationship with six, core ‘partner bodies’ with diverse functions, organisational status and business models.

The partner bodies are :

Geospatial data is an increasingly valuable tool for businesses and public-sector organisations, helping them to make better decisions. That could range from tackling crime hotspots or finding the quickest routes for emergency services, to deciding where best to locate supply chains.

By improving the quality of key publicly-held data, and making it easier to access and use, the government will enable the private sector to develop new innovations and applications.

Our responsibilities

The overarching objectives of the commission are to increase economic growth and improve social and environmental outcomes by:

  • setting cross-cutting geospatial strategy, policy and data standards
  • promoting competition within markets for geospatial data, products and services
  • improving accessibility, interoperability and quality of data
  • improving capability, skills and resources to support the growth of new and existing geospatial businesses and improve public services

Read the Geospatial Commission Charter (published in our Call For Evidence document) to find out how we will do this.